Local Outreach

International Student Ministry

Nations for Christ

Lada and Stan Reed: hospitality and discipleship

In other nations

The Solorzanos (Frank & Ruth, Ivan & Mercedes, Sweet Ruth): Guatemela
Ghena & Dasha Milcev: Eastern EuropeAthletes in Action
Don & Paula Nichols: Kenya  –  www.THEM.bz
Bob & Nancy Calvert: Uganda  – www.Student.org Im Jai House Orphanage: Thailand www.imjaihouse.org

Short Term Mission Trips

Each year some church members go on short term mission trips nationally and internationally.

In the U.S.

Joey Buck: Dollywood Chaplain
Roger & Grace Tsosie: First Nations
Chris & Penny Stewart
Cathy Kreis: Ambassadors for Christ
Ashley Smylie: Avant Ministries
John & Linda Woodward: Grace Fellowship International
Chuck & Sue Solomon: Grace Fellowship International
Dick & Mary Lyda Wellons: Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries

Part time

La Puerta Spanish Ministry: Frank Hernandez
Bristol Raceway Ministry: David & Debbie Walker, Donna Ogle
Hotel Ministry: Alan McCarter