Students National Prayer Rally – September 28th

While some today, such as NFL star Colin Kaepernick, take a defensive posture against the turmoil our nation has seen lately, refusing to stand for the flag or our nation, there are others, such as our FrontLine students, who are embracing our nation with the love of Christ, taking an offensive approach to stomping out the darkness which is so prevalent in today’s society. One such example of this offen- sive approach will be a student prayer rally held at the end of this month.


The Global Week of Student Prayer is September 25th thru October 1st, and on Wednesday, September 28th students all over the nation, including our own right here in Sevier County, will show up early to school to gather around the flag poles and offer prayers of intercession on behalf of our schools, our communities, and our nation.

This year’s See You At The Pole theme is WE CRY OUT. That’s exactly what our students will be doing this month as they gather together in the name of Jesus to lift Him up and seek to make Him known to every American, and subsequently, to every person on the globe! The question for you is, will you stand with them? Will you stand for our flag? Will you stand for our nation? Will you stand for Jesus? Will you join us as WE CRY OUT!? If you want to join us in this desperately needed concert of prayer, there are two different ways you can do this:
1) Show up at the flag pole at your local school on September 28th at 7:20 am to join your students for this concert of prayer.
2) Pray from your own home or office if you are unable to join us at the schools. For
more information on the See You At the Pole annual prayer rally, check out