Memorial Day Activities

Some of our congregation participated in Memorial Day services in the community. The Pigeon Forge Community Chorus sang at a service hosted at Dollywood at 9:00am, followed by a song service at DreamMore at noon. Chaplain Joey Buck was involved as well as members who sing in the choir.

Dr. Lewis Gregory wrote:

During my tour of duty in 1967 with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, I traveled to the city of Manila in the Philippines. My visit to the city included the cemetery where the U.S. soldiers from World War II were buried. What a sight! I gazed in awe at the seemingly endless rows of white crosses (over 17,000) marking their graves. My namesake, Lewis Richey, one of my Dad’s best friends, died in that war while fighting in the Philippines. I couldn’t help but wonder if his name was on one of those crosses.

The sight of all those crosses was a vivid reminder of the great price that has been paid for freedom. It was a deeply moving time for me. As a soldier myself, it struck close to home. This was partly because I was in the midst of a war in a distant land, far removed from family and friends. But it was primarily because of the contrast between all those crosses and the one cross they represented. I couldn’t help but think of what The Cross symbolized, and what it means to me personally. Thank you Lord for making the supreme sacrifice for our eternal freedom. And thank you Lord for all those brave men and women in the US Military who have sacrificed their lives for our human freedoms.

It is so easy to just relax and enjoy another holiday without taking time to reflect upon the significance of the day itself. This is the day that the United States of America has set aside to remember and honor the military who died in service to this country. We should all endeavor to preserve, uphold and cherish the freedoms, values and privileges that these brave men and women have preserved for us. We should also take time to express our gratitude to God on behalf of those who have made our freedom possible. Furthermore, we should do whatever we can to insure that they have not died in vain! And, of course, be mindful and prayerful of our military who are currently putting themselves in harms way to defend this country. As they continue to sacrifice their physical lives, please pray that they might have Spiritual Life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, please pray about helping us as we give our troops copies of my book The Ultimate Makeover so that they might have true Spiritual Life and have it more abundantly! Operation Sandbox has graciously offered to include a copy of this book in each packet they send to our troops.  –