New Carpenter’s Shop Season Begins

Beginning Sunday, August 26, our church will embark on the new Carpenter Shop (Junior Church) for Kids. Based on Luke 2:52 our mission is to capture the hearts of children by teaching them to “Follow Jesus to grow in WISDOM (mentally), STATURE (physically), and in Favor with GOD (spiritually), and OTHERS (socially). Between now, and August 26th, I am going to ask you to PRAY and seek God for your place of service in helping be a part of discipling our children at First Baptist. You may be thinking, or pondering, where it is God would have you serve His Church. We are living in some crucial and crisis times in the lives of the family today with break-ups, abuse, negligence of God in the home, and so much more. The time is now for the church to be a voice and step-up to the importance of God’s creation and protect it – THE FAMILY.

What do you do from here? Call me on my cell at 978-0300 or at the church at 453-4647 and leave me a message that you have answered God’s call to work with children and families. I will then answer your questions and help you get started in training. I love you with the Love of the Lord,

-Pastor Wayne